Bed cover, exclusive Suzandozi double stitched


Hand embroidery on one side and hand printed on the other!

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Suzandozi- Bed Cover a unique technique,

of needle work and craft manship revived from a bygone aera,


The ancient art of making these typesof  hand embroidered textiles is called Suzandozi (needles). they originate from the asian countries along the silk route. In the early 15th century, Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo, Spanish ambassador to the court in Timur (Tamerlane), provided detailed descriptions of the embroideries that were  Suzani  predecessors. 

This bedcover ,  throw or table cloth is stitched with a silk thread on a robust unbleached cotton joined in the centre by hand. . every piece is unique. its colour combination and hand block printed cotton backside ads a lovely weight and fall and it‘s .fresh but elegant colour combinations ad an stylish touch to every room.


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