Handmade furniture for generations!

Our vision is to create sustainable furniture that becomes more beautiful over the years and that can remain in the generation.

The choice of one of our wood materials is, therefore, Finnish spruce.

In the Finnish subarctic forest, trees grow very slowly. This makes the wood extremely hard with very straight fibers that make Finnish spruce one of the world’s most durable woods.

The result is a hard tough and straight-grained wood with low tension and few internal cracks. Finnish wood is the first-class material and therefore perfect for handmade furniture that will last for generations.

Finland is one of the best areas in the world for tree growth.

It belongs to the cold climate belt where the winters below zero alternate with hot summers. The summer session lasts only 100 days, during which the trees grow. The short growing season means slow growth, which can take 60-120 years.

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